After many months of searching, our friends Andy and Jayne traveled to Florida and returned by sea, the proud owners of a 1987 Pearson 422.


(I appropriated this photo of the Pearson from Andy’s Facebook page because it was too dark and rainy to get a good exterior photo on Saturday.)

We were very excited to check out the boat and see some of our sailboat racing friends at their boatwarming party and vessel naming ceremony Saturday night. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the new name, Hippocampus, did not make it onto the hull, so the naming ceremony was postponed.

(For those who are not familiar with mythology, the hippocampoi were the seahorses that pulled Poseidon’s/Neptune’s chariot across the ocean. Coincidentally, my last sailboat was also named Seahorse.)

The fully enclosed center cockpit was the popular place to hang out.





Many thanks to Andy and Jayne for the tour of the vessel, all the great snacks, and especially the rum.

That aft birth with a queen size walk-around bed is amazing. However, the real magic is this engine room.


How nice is that?

It was great to see everyone, and we hope to run into you out on the water very soon.


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