Weird boats I’m not allowed to buy (From Mary)

Ok so…I am constantly on the hunt for a new boat.  Not that there is anything wrong with our boat, or that I really intend to buy one, but you never know what you will find.

So here I would like to introduce you to a few amazing boats that my husband will never allow me to purchase.

1. The Podcat–2731621/Santa-Barbara/CA/United-States#.VMf1of54qmQ


This boat is super fast, and super retro, and looks like a frikin space ship.  Unfortunately though, its small, and also probably impossible to find replacement parts for, and for these reasons I will never be able to zoom past you in my amazing space boat. Seriously check out the windows on the back..they look like thrusters.

Theres also a video of it in action here:

2. Basically any old pirate ship

There is a steady stream of amazing old pirate ships on craigslist.  This one was my most recent fantasy thanks to my friend Shari:

Because you know..if you could just get a few sailing buddies together, it wouldn’t be that much, and then HIGH SEAS ADVENTURE.  I mean..I don’t need anything else in my life.

3. For Cheap or Trade, large liveaboard, Needs work

If you spend any time at all on craigslist, you have seen this boat.  Its big, it may or may not have an interior.  Sometimes it has never even been in the water, and maybe it is just glued together boards.  A few examples of the things this guy is willing to trade for include a Honda motorcycle or $50.

project boat

Don’t get me wrong.  I mean no disrespect to this guy. Every bit of white trash in me wants to buy this thing, put it on my lawn and slowly glue stuff onto it until it will float.

In case you would like to buy this boat:

4. A Wharram…anything. 

I love these boats, they look like something out of a movie.  My husband won’t let me have one…that is all.


This one is a pretty sweet example…I love the gang planks that lower down.


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