lūnāticus m (feminine lūnātica, neuter lūnāticum); first/second declension

  1. Of, or living on, the moon
  2. epileptic, lunatic, moonstruck, crazy

Many ancient cultures considered her a deity. Many used her cycles to time their planting and harvest. Some even used her for navigation.

Tonight marks the first full moon of 2015. Watch out for werewolves.

2015 GBCA Icicle Series begins

With rainy weather in the mid-50s, there were no actual icicles to be seen during the first race of the 2015 Galveston Bay Cruising Association Icicle Series Regatta. However, I was glad I decided to put on a coupe extra layers of clothing before reporting to the boat Saturday morning.

With Antares, the Cal 40 we crewed with last year, suffering from a leaking fuel pump, I crewed for our friends Andy and Jayne aboard their new boat Hippokampus, a Pearson 422. It was my first time sailing with them, and it was their first time racing the boat, so it was a learning experience for all of us.image

All was going well as we approached the starting line. Then we attempted our first tack to begin the race.

That turned out to be a very long tack. The jib wrapped itself up on the furled stay sail, and it never took less than two of us to run to the foredeck and work it loose. Jibes were no problem, but a clean tack proved impossible, and we ended up starting ten minutes late.

Once started, the first leg of the race went well. Then when we were about ten minutes away from the second marker, the wind shifted. That resulted in a couple more very dirty tacks to stay out of the ship channel and make it around the tower.

The last leg would have been uneventful until we were about ten minutes from the finish, at which point the wind completely died. That last ten minutes stretched to thirty as we sped towards the channel at a whopping 1 knot.


Of course, the day wouldn’t have ended appropriately if we hadn’t had to make one last tack to get through the finish markers. We actually furled the jib and used to stay sail to  make the turn, then unfurled the jib to finally crawl across the line.

It’s interesting how many time during the race that starting ten minutes late made a difference. Of course, nobody was worried about where we placed. It was great just to be on the water with friends, learning the ins and outs of a new boat. Of course, the rum served after the race was great too.

More photos of the regatta can be found here, courtesy of John & Scott Lacy:

Happy New Year!


It was our second New Year’s Eve at Watergate Marina, but while we watched fireworks and toasted champagne just as we did last year,  many things have changed.

For one thing, we’re now on the opposite side of the marina, and our friends have moved from weekending on a 37′ Maxxum to living aboard a 56′ Carver. It was bittersweet toasting 2015 with them as they prepare to move to Florida this year.

It was a cold evening, so the dogs were all wearing their sweaters at the party. They spent the evening hoping someone would drop a plate of cheese and sausage.


The west side of the marina actually proved a better vantage point for the fireworks. Of course, the boardwalk, which sponsors the show, doesn’t stay open until midnight, so we got the fireworks show at 10 p.m.


At midnight we toasted the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. Who knows what the new year may bring.


The first GBCA Icicle Series Regatta is Saturday!