Spontaneous raft-up

While we spent Friday and Saturday focused on wedding activities, we couldn’t let the first sunny skies we’d seen in weeks pass without getting out on the water for at least a few hours. Sunday we headed for the marina and puttered out into the bay.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough wind to even pretend to be sailing. Everyone was just kind of bobbing around with their sails sagging. Then we heard a familiar laugh echoing across the bay. Sure enough, our friend Rene was out on Sea Angel, so we puttered over to drink his rum instead of ours.

Not long after our friend Adam on Storyteller appeared as well.

It was a spontaneous raft up!


We still haven’t mastered the raft up. We ended up tying a bow line from Gimme Shelter to the stern of Sea Angel and letting her dangle out there. However, with no wind Gimme Shelter had a tendency to start floating up beside us instead of staying behind us. Storyteller tied up to the side of Sea Angel, which was fine except when the passing motorboat wakes set the two boats banging against each other. I’m sure there’s some kind of trick to it that we’ll eventually figure out.

I think this impromptu party qualified for the hashtag #SundayFunDay


This week the rain and fog have returned, but at least we got a sneak peek of spring.


2 thoughts on “Spontaneous raft-up

  1. We just stack all the boats side by side with lots of fenders in-between and tight lines on the bow & stern… and if there is a lot of wave action add spring lines. Spring lines work wonders.

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