Flashback to France

It hit me today that 5 years ago exactly I was graduating college, and decided to pack up my life and move to France.  I moved into a tiny town in Bretagne, named Frehel.  I lived above a pizza restaurant/bar, and worked as a nanny.  It was an amazing time.  My free time there was spent mostly exploring the small town, or taking the path down to the beach.  To get to the beach I always walked, as I am not good on a bicycle, and all the cars were manual shift.  So I needed to walk first through town.


Then I took a small wooded path through woods and then pasture.

path to beach cows camping sign

When you got to the beach it was on the English Channel, and the water was very cold.  The beach was covered in large rocks, and I could hide from the wind behind them and bask in the sun.

at beach

I had a few longer adventures, but not being able to drive, and being very remote I didn’t wander too far.  One time I took a very long walk to see Fort la Latte, which is lovely and on the ocean.  A few of the rooms were still intact and were set up with period furniture.The best part was the view from the top.

From top of castle from castle

I also made one trip to Sable D’or, which is the closest nice beach, and also there are casino’s if you’re into that.  There is also this small island which I enjoyed seeing very much, but always get confused with Mount St Michel, this is Ilot Saint Michel, much smaller.


I was allowed to eat and drink as much as I wanted for free from the restaurant I lived above Ty Faitaud, and they had the local specialty, hard apple cider on tap downstairs.  It was very nice.  Eventually I got lonely here though, as the countryside in France is largely older retired people, and I never even saw someone my age.  I bought a student Europass for the train and started to explore.

After that I saw Paris (where I was robbed, but I chased down and fought the guy, got my stuff back). Roughly here in Montmartre, I finally caught the guy down by the Louvre.  There was a bus involved. Montmartre

After that I headed to Nice.  My favorite place.

Nice street

There is a point you can drive up to where you can see the whole city.

Nice3 nice Nice 2

Also they have this weird library.


Last but very not least was Amsterdam, where I mostly wondered around aimlessly. pirate ship Amsterdam boat

That giant looking ship is actually the naval museum.

All in all France/Amsterdam were amazing, but I was very happy to be home.  Travelling alone is not easy!


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