Getting Ready for a Winter Garden

For those of us down here in the south August is a time to pull up your dead spring plants, and till up the ground as best you can for a winter garden.  Right now I still have Blueberries and Grapes in the garden of course, they’re perennials. fallgarden03

I have sunflowers I planted from seed, which should finish up any day now. fallgarden04

I also have Tomatoes which should be done end of Sept mid October, and Peppers which could go till December.

fallgarden07 fallgarden06

The tomatoes were starting to look dead, but it started to cool off and rain and they have grown all anew.  Complete with tons of little tomatoes. fallgarden05  fallgarden01

Somehow I also still have some Collard Greens, and Kale which managed to survive all summer.


In the garden pictured above these are the seeds I will be planting for winter. I’m going to make the upper garden all salad greens, and plant the larger plants down on the bottom level.  Mesclun is just a mix of different greens you can buy premixed from Burpee.


On the top row are the seeds I will sew this week.  The greens on the bottom row I will wait until early September, when I am sure it is cool enough.  I mixed in a lot more soil into my boxes this year as my 100% composted manure mix was too strong for a lot of my plants, and dried out quickly.

I’ve never had any luck germinating sweet peas.  This year I’m going to try my mothers method of soaking them overnight, and then planting them in the morning.  I’ll let you know how that goes.


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