How to use a French Press to make coffee

Most of you are probably thinking, what kind of idiot doesn’t know how to use a French Press to make coffee. However, many of us grew up in homes with an electric coffee maker. Some of us even invested in an espresso maker with a milk frother when we were in college. However, I had never even heard of a French Press and had no idea how they worked until I went looking for a way to make coffee on the boat without electricity.

Therefore, we decided to shoot a little video during our regular Sunday morning brewing session to help spread the joy of the French Press to anyone else who may need their daily caffeine fix.


3 thoughts on “How to use a French Press to make coffee

  1. Hey, you left out how to clean it! I saw one for the first time while on a boat this summer. I’ve only used one a few times and so far it’s been pretty messy. On a boat you can rinse and dump overboard, but at home or on travel it’s a bit of a hassle. Any secrets?

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