Winter Sails have the best Sunsets

It had been four weeks since we got to go down and enjoy our boat because of our Texas RenFest adventures, and then Thanksgiving., and it had been even longer since we’d left the marina due to terrible weather. Saturday we were greeted by a beautiful sunny and “warm” day, temperatures around 65.

We had invited a couple friends over for a day of sailing and grilling, so naturally we started the day with the standard cleaning, prepping, and a quick trip to the grocery store.

While Fred was gone I took the opportunity to hang this wine glass rack that he hates.  😀  I can’t help but be stubborn about it. I really love it! I found a wood rack on amazon for around $10 and put it up with double sided tape.  I then took a little bamboo skewer and used it as a stopper on the back. [Editor’s note: The glasses fell down as soon as we were out on the water.]


We were all ready for our guests a little before cast off time and took a moment to celebrate and relax with a cold drink.

All in all it was a beautiful sail.  We had hardly any wind, but it was probably for the best as it turned out our guest Mitchel gets sea sick.  DecemberSailing07


It had been awhile since we’d been on the water, and I couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful the sunset was.


We topped things off with warm bread pudding and a couple hot glasses of tea.


Despite having very stylish sweaters, the dogs were getting cold, so we motored on in.



Hopefully that wasn’t our last sail of the year, but it’s looking like it will be a few weeks before we can get out again.



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