Spices for the weekend boater

When I am only around on the weekends I have a constant struggle with supplying my boat.  Spices are a particularly difficult one, because you’re never sure what you will need, and they’re expensive to buy.  I have a monster supply of spices at home, and as such did not want to buy a whole new set for the boat.  An entire jar of nutmeg would be way too much anyway.  I also needed to make sure I was able to have a wide variety, as I’d like to save on cost, and avoid duplication with the ones I have at home.

A long search for small plastic spice containers led me to find a lot of solutions, but none that met my qualifications.  I wanted my containers to be: 1. wide enough at the mouth to let me pinch spices with my fingers. 2. Plastic (not stainless or glass) and 3. The entire collection should cost less than $25.

After an extensive search I found these little containers on amazon.


They’re only $11 for a set of 18, and they’re perfect for all your small use spices.  They also  lock together in stacks.  If I was going to live aboard (and I may do this anyway) I would also add a few of the 6oz containers for some of the spices you use more of per recipe, i.e. taco seasoning, steak rub, etc.

I labeled all of my containers using heavy brown paper and some Elmer’s glue. I left a few of them on the boat for a couple weeks before I labeled the rest, and so far it has held on well.


These look pretty small but they hold a half bottle of McCormick’s seasoning.


I know a lot of people like ziplocks, but I really wanted something where I could see all the labels easily.  Would love to hear your tips and tricks!

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