Saturday Afternoon at Redfish

The weather here in Texas is just starting to be really nice for sailing.  As such we have been having a lot of people coming out of the woodwork with requests to come sailing.  Which I love!  In past years we haven’t had a lot of luck getting people to drive all the way down to Kemah and dedicate their whole day to us.


I was super excited to invite my friend Megan down for her first sail and her birthday.  We’ve been friends since we were little, and she lives here in Houston, but we never have the right days off together.

We had to rush down to the boat Saturday morning, and run a few errands.  I was already feeling guilty when I arrived late to my guests all hanging out on my boat without me.  We got right to work readying the boat though.


We had our forestay and backstay hardware replaced during the week, and when we went to put the sail back on the roller furling, we were missing a shackle. Of course when you’re under pressure you can’t find a thing in a boat, so Fred made a run to West Marine and $22 later we had a new one.


Finally we were off.  We did a close reach all the way to Redfish, and made really good time anchoring after about 2 hours.  When we got there we found we had a host of familiar boats around us, and dinghys where shooting about everywhere.

After we had all helped ourselves thoroughly to a couple plates of cheese, and a few beers Fred went forward to lift anchor and we jib sailed into the sunset.


Nothing better than a downwind sail back from Redfish.  🙂



Big thank you to Rachel Primeaux and Kelly Dodd whose pictures I stole!

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