Redoing Our Boat Canvas for Spring

When I bought our boat I thought it was very odd that the owner had done very bright blue canvas, and then a dark blue stripe that did not match at all.  Although I know now that the strip color is just how it was made, and the canvas color, Pacific Blue, is the most common on boats, it’s still always bothered me. redfish_island_09

Last year I went about making new lifeline covers, mast boot etc and chose to match our dodger color.  Well now this year thanks to a new sail our sail cover no longer fits, and our dodger is wearing thin.  The canvas on our jib is also coming off.  And as you can see in this picture our bimini is just some weird material we hang from the back stay. So since it looks like I will have to replace all the expensive pieces, I figured I might as well replace it all, and change the color while I’m at it. We had looked at sailrite kits, but I wasn’t convinced of the quality.  When we went to talk to the local sail loft, Banks Sails who did our mainsail, they offered to make us up a superior kit and match the Sailrite price!  They have also provided a lot of extra help along the way.  So then all we needed was the machine. I’ve really resisted purchasing a new sewing machine hoping that my Brother and old Singer could do the job, but they just weren’t heavy duty enough.


My first impressions of the Sailrite is that it it very powerful and fast.  I’ve had a lot of trouble getting the tension just right, but I’ve read that is common.  When I was adjusting the bobbin tension I also busted the top off the screw.  Sailrite had one in the mail to me before I could even fully explain the problem to them.  Amazing customer service.  I’m hoping that after the machine and I get more used to each other we can be better friends.


Our stackpack is the first step and it’s currently in progress, so I will keep you updated on the large canvas.  But in the mean time I have completed all of my small canvas projects.  Light blue is old, dark blue is new. I also changed the material from surlast to sunbrella.


I need a little more practice on that hatch cover if anyone wants to volunteer.

Still on the list for our boat (besides the big things) winch covers, inside window covers, redoing the buttons on the cushions, and curtains.  Oh jeez it never ends.

Also available in my canvas shop if you’re looking to do a full set: Grill and winch covers

Buy a full new set for your own boat!


5 thoughts on “Redoing Our Boat Canvas for Spring

  1. I don’t know why I found this blog post so interesting. It’s essentially about sewing, and under normal circumstances, I’d grunt a “Pfft,” and move on. And yet, here I am commenting about how it kept my attention for some bizarre reason. …I’m going to assume it’s witchcraft. 😉

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