Texas Renfest 2016 Pirate Weekend

If you’re a sailor its pretty hard not to run into someone you know at the Texas Renaissance Festival on pirate weekend.  We like to go one weekend a year and camp both Friday and Saturday nights.  This year it just happened that pirate weekend was one of the times when we were free.  After all you can dress like a pirate on any weekend really.


We got to camp around 3 and our friends Shari and Daniel had already staked out a healthy size spot with folding chairs.  We created our little pirate nest and then cracked open some beers to wait for the rest of our friends to arrive.


Much music was played and much fun was had, and before long it was Saturday morning and it was time to put on your best pirate outfit and head into the festival.

Most of the activities inside Renfest involve spending large amounts of money, so we like to take advantage of a good vantage point and just people watch.


A lot of people are pretty period appropriate, but then there are always a few with no clear idea as to the theme of the park.  Here are a couple ents in their natural habitat.



There are a lot of shows to see but they are exactly the same every year.  One of the shows we’ve found is just as good every year is the belly dancing show in the Agora.  Plus the bonus of Greek food.


We met up with even more pirates at the Barbarian Inn and we all headed over to the Sea Devil Tavern.


There was quite a bit of ruckus shouting and mug banging, and we decided we needed to head out to purchase our own clinky mugs.



All in all a great weekend with friends.  In the words of a wise wizard I know “Go out and be merry, pretend to be pirates and forget your problems”




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