Catching up with life

2017 arrived with a whirlwind of activity. We were traveling and visiting family through New Years Day. Then we both jumped right back into some intense work situations, the GBCA Icicle Series, and a Gimme Shelter concert. It seems like every minute of every day for the past three weeks has been planned, and we just go from meeting to meeting and event to event. This weekend we finally got a few unscheduled hours, so we tossed the lines and went sailing.


We brought our friends TJ and Kayla from Folie a Deaux along for the ride.


We had about 7 knots of wind giving us a relaxing ride out towards Redfish Island, although we didn’t quite make it there before sunset.


As the sun went down, the wind disappeared, so we dropped sail and motored back into the marina, recharged for another week of hectic schedules.


Hopefully things will settle down a bit, and we’ll have more time to blog soon. We’re also planning some exciting trips in 2017, so stay tuned.

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