Sailing Log by Boatbook – App review

This weekend I came across this helpful app for tracking your sailing. It’s called “Boatbook” and is available for iphone and android.

The app uses your phone GPS to determine whether you are on land or water, and begins to track your sails as soon as you appear over the water. No need to remember to start the log when you leave the dock.

image2 (2)

It gives you the option to enter multiple boats, and easily switch which boat you’re currently on. That is the only thing you have to remember before you leave the dock. Otherwise it defaults to the last boat you were on.


Once your sail begins the app will automatically track your gps speed and track your course. It also records your start and end time so that you know your total sail time.  You can see the max and average speed, as well as the average speed of each leg of the trip.

image1 (2)       image3

It also gives you the option to add in notes as you see fit.  You can add notes on obstacles, wind speed, or boat malfunctions. They only show up on this day’s map, not on all future maps.  They are only for your log record.


One feature I would love to see added to this app would be an overall log book with times listed for each sail.  The way it is set up now, you can scroll through each day and record times individually, but there is no way to see them all on one screen. However, this app is still a great way to automatically log your hours if you’re working towards certifications or licenses.

The best part of this app? It’s free!