Galveston Beach Cleanup

This Saturday my company gave me a great opportunity to do a little beach clean up, and to drag my husband along as well.


While cleaning the beach the majority of what we found were tiny little pieces of plastic that wash up on shore.  One tour guide we overhead informed her group that we are currently finding more plastic inside our seafood than organic material.


While the Murphy team, and many other corporations do a great job of adopting and keeping our state park beaches clean, I would love to see more work done for the other beaches.


While sailing the ICW we noticed that the amount of trash in the natural wildlife preserves along the coast is really disgusting.  I’m thinking ICW Boaters Beach Cleanup!  If anyone has any ideas for a fun and easy way to do this I would love to hear them.


One thought on “Galveston Beach Cleanup

  1. fantastic – thanks for “cleaning up”. While this helps a lot and is important indeed, I think not gettimg any waste into the water is an equally important task. Glad you are thinking of doing more – and besides all, enjoy sailing!!
    Take care,

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