Fall Garden-Homemade Salsa

With the end summer comes an odd time for my garden.  The summer garden is finishing up, and the fall garden is already in full swing.

My tomatoes are just about done, but in a last burst of energy gave us more than we could handle this week.


The peppers are still in full swing, and are producing more than we can eat right now. The Bell Peppers are really just starting, and I’m hoping for many more.

AutumnGarden04 AutumnGarden03 AutumnGarden02

We have some large okra producing right now, and after looking up when to pick it today I realized we’ve been making some mistakes.  Apparently they should be picked at 2 inches, anything bigger will ruin the taste.  They should also be picked continuously to keep them producing.


After a great suggestion from Fred we decided to make some homemade salsa to use up some of the veggies.  We combined the tomatoes and peppers, then put in a little onion powder, cumin and salt.  It was just about the best thing ever.

chopper chopper


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