Review: Lunatec Self Cleaning Washcloths

Disclaimer: I am not paid, nor have I received any kind of free item from this company.  Just a happy customer.

After reading about the Lunatec Washcloths on The Boat Galley website last year I decided to add them to my Christmas list, and my family was kind enough to purchase them for me.


I’ve been using them for a couple months now, and since then have already purchased four more.  To start out I just used them on the dishes, and they worked great. They are the perfect mix of wash cloth and scratchy pad.  And they never really feel smelly or dirty.  They are basically plastic so it feels clean as soon as it’s rinsed out.


Once I had ordered this 4 pack I got to work trying the cloths on new things. It scrubbed down the stove with ease. It works great on all stainless. It won’t take big rust spots off, but if you just want to give it a quick shine, this is a great tool.  (Sorry for the blurry photo.)


I also tried the Lunatec Washcloths on my non-skid cabin sole. It worked better than a regular rag, but not as well as a stiff brush. However, it was faster than the brush and still did an ok job.

Cons: Only thing I don’t like about this rag is it won’t dry wet objects or wipe up spills. When washing the floor I had to follow go over everything again with a towel. The Lunatec is strictly good for scraping/scrubbing.


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