My New Galley Wine Glass Rack

I have always had a profound envy of people with a wine glass racks in their galley.  So even though my galley is really probably a bit too small, and not really in need of one I decided that I MUST make it happen. I just had to promise not to drill anymore holes into the cabin top.


My first step was to choose the rack.  I picked this one on amazon for its versatility and natural wood appearance. Also it helps that it was super cheap.  If I was not so lazy the first thing I would have done was to stain it to match the rest of my wood.  Unfortunately I am more stubborn than diligent, and the first thing I did was to go to home depot and buy the exact kind of tape my husband told me would not work. It says outdoor…it says permanent..?  Don’t buy this!  It didn’t last more than a day.


This is what you should buy instead. You have to buy it at an auto parts store.  Fred used it to hold the windows on our last boat. It works well.


I 3m’d a kabob skewer along the back ledge so as to keep the glasses from falling out the back.

glass rack

I now have this lovely wine rack with pretty minimal effort.  Would have been less had I listened a little better.  My husband hates it..but now I have an empty cabinet, and I am happy with the results.

wine rack 3

Now I can focus on organizing my spices.

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